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Outdoor advertising agency Unicom provides Cost-effective, 360-degree outdoor advertising solutions to advertise products on high rising Unipoles, neon signs, airport advertising, billboards, railway branding, kiosks, road transport advertising, bus shelters and precise positioning of advertisements across.
Our outdoor advertising creative director delivers a relevant message to the targeted audience with ease and efficiency and using out of home advertising, able to strategically place the brand message.
we think and create a kind of ooh advertising campaign that is the best way to reach out to the target audience and communicate with them.

Bus shelters advertising

Bus shelters Advertising

Bus shelters: Better for consistent viewers.

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Unipoles advertising

Unipoles Advertising

Unipoles: Long distance reachability.

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Hoarding Advertising

Hoarding Advertising

Hoarding: Better for grounded crowd

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Unicom Outdoor Advertising Services

Kiosks outdoor advertising
Gantries outdoor advertising
Glowsigns outdoor advertising
Front and Backlit advertising
Front and Backlit
Standees  advertising

We Delivers a Relevant Message on Time

Outdoor advertising is the classic type of advertising which provides long-term business in great frame. Join with us to know your new reachability with out of home advertising other solutions.

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What Our Customers Says

Unicom Advertising is an agency which provides good ROI on investments. The team works smartly and is always open for suggestions and improvements. I find them consistent and reliable as well as hungry for excellence. It is joyful working with Unicom Advertising.


Mr. Narayan Das Agrawal

Owner of GLA University

Great partners, incredibly professional, easy to work with friendly and nice. Unicom does amazing, smart work.


Mr. Sandeep Arora

Owner of Giriraj Group

You need a media buying firm with expertise in OOH ads services, Unicom Advertising is your company.

Pavan Chaturvedi

Mr. Pavan Chaturvedi

M.D. of Uma Motor (NEXA)

“Our experiences with [Unicom Advertising] have been top-notch and extremely professional." Their expertise and community contacts have been invaluable for our organization through times of expansion and growth.


Mrs. Anubha Sinha Shrivastava

GL Bajaj Noida

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